Yahoo Customer Service Phone Number

Yahoo Customer Service Toll Free Phone Number

As a professional and reputed third party, we offer a wide range of Email management, troubleshooting and configuration assistance for Yahoo and other major Email services. While Yahoo users are provided the option to call on Yahoo Customer Service Phone Number, the option is not so feasible since it is seldom functioning. But we pride on making seamless and easily available services to users across the world. So, regardless of your location, you can rely on our professional service and get help on resolving any possible matter that is hindering your Yahoo experience.

We offer free of cost means like chat support, toll free phone support along with onsite and remote access service that can be sought in the long run as well as short run. Even if you just want to seek the service, you can let our team know and your complaints will be processed immediately.

What complaints can you contact our Yahoo Customer service Support team for?

Our team can be contacted for a variety of complaints arising in Yahoo email service, Yahoo answers, Flickr or any other service that you have sought from yahoo. Here are more specifics on what issues can seek help with:

Yahoo Answers

Some common and intricate Yahoo Answers issues that we offer help for include (but are not limited to):

• Deactivated account, received or sending spam, posting spam, suspicious email send from account, deactivated account, fake add contact requests

• Accidental account deletion and recovery, managing individual account, yahoo id not accepted

• Invalid password, secret question not verified

• Forgotten yahoo id/password, issues with direct link

• Setting up browser for automatic sign in to yahoo answers, update recovery info, update account info

• Removal of content from yahoo answers from your account, etc

Yahoo Messenger

• Abuse and Spam (prevention against spamming and phishing, how to fix hacked account, how to recover a hacked account, how to ensure that your account doesn't receive or send out spam mails, etc)

• Creation, deletion and synchronizing of accounts (Account creation information protection, adding phone number and email to account, adding social accounts to Messenger profile)

• Online safety and hacked account (updating security, secret question update and management, using account recovery settings for easy recovery of account)

• Preferences and settings (personalization of the account)

• Password sign in and sign out trouble


• Abuse, spam and security of account (member behavior, group, abusive photo, misuse reporting)

• Billing (cancellation of paid service, duplication of order refund, initialing paid service)

• Photo options, Organizing of photo streams and view options for photos (upload, editing, removal, tagging, gallery, content filters)

• Login, log out, Profile and account personalization issues (public search options, guest pass, privacy settings, etc)

• Social (synchronization of flickr with other accounts, handling any issues regarding synchronized accounts) Yahoo Email and account

• Signing up assistance and account creation

• Account personalization, display and text-font changes

• Message not sent, harassment, or threats mail being received or sent automatically, suspicious emails containing content asking for money or regarding similar schemes

• Organization of emails, data, archived messages and contacts

• POP and IMAP

• Unable to sign in to account from another device, confirmation code not being accepted, lost password, account temporarily blocked

• Mobile Authentication failure error and other errors preventing account access on different devices, etc

All services listed above are also provided for iOS Yahoo mail app, Android Yahoo mail app, Desktop mail, Mobile mail for yahoo, etc. If you want to download the yahoo app then you can visit the official page for Yahoo and get help on downloading the app. If you are unable to find the application option in your Smartphone, then you can contact our team email help phone number to provide your sufficient help on all matters.


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Yahoo Toll Free Number: How to get in touch with us?

Contacting our team is easy as all you need to do is give us a call on Yahoo toll free number. More often than not, we have come across crisis about account blocked or password issues when users were not able to access even the official Help desk website from Yahoo due to website being down. Nevertheless, we constantly strive to make 24*7 service accessible to users so you can call us anytime and expect immediate solutions and also receive instant remote access servicing at anytime for any error. Our team can also be contacted for seeking guidance on resolving the nature of the error as a spamming problem may be arising from lack of security protocols or the account blockage may be occurring due to a hacked account issue and figuring these out may be hectic and time intensive. But you can count on our team to make it easy to handle for you. Through remote access assistance, you won't even have to bother looking for solutions as our team will complete the troubleshooting session within minutes and you will be provided access to your re-secured account again that you can use and upgrade as per your requirement and preferences.